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MULTIPOINT’s main objective is to develop a high power femtosecond laser system for high throughput micro-drilling of large titanium panels used in the fabrication HLFC (Hybrid Laminar Flow Control) structures in the aerospace industry.



Meet The Experts: Julien Pouysegur

Meet The Experts: Julien Pouysegur

“To increase process speed in order to increase throughput there are two ways: increasing repetition rate of the laser source, or developing parallel processing”.



The development of Multipoint’s femtosecond laser system will improve the fabrication of HLFC (Hybrid Laminar Flow Control) structures and therefore, it will viable to apply them in the aerospace industry:

Reductions of at least 30% in the final cost in the fabrication of HLFC panels.



Less environmental impact due to the elimination of chemical post-processing procedures in the fabrication of HLFC panels.



Incrementation of the quality and performance of HLFC panels.



Fuel consumption reductions higher than 9% on commercial planes when HLFC panels applied.







Project coordinator
Roberto Ocaña
+34 943 206 744

Iñaki Goenaga, 5
20600 Eibar (Gipuzkoa)

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