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The European project Multipoint kicks off today, January 1st 2019. It is an alliance made up of 6 European partners who will design, build and test pioneering femtosecond laser for aerospace manufacturing companies. The project, which will last for 36 months, has a total budget of 4 million euros and is partly funded by the EU within the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020.

Multipoint’s main objective is to develop a high power femtosecond laser system with a multibeam generation unit and custom beam delivery scanning and processing on the fly heads for high throughput micro-drilling of large Ti panels used in the fabrication HLFC structures in the aerospace industry. Three will be the key challenges to be addressed:

  • A 1.2 kW femtosecond laser source working at high pulse energy will be developed.
  • Secondly, a multibeam generation unit will be developed for splitting the main beam supplied by the laser source.
  • Finally, two strategies for delivering the multibeam pattern to the Ti panel based on the percussion drilling technique will be developed and tested.

The 6 partners that make up the project are research centres, industrial and technological companies located in Spain, France and Belgium. The project coordinator is the Spain based research alliance IK4-Tekniker. In mid-January 2019 the official project launch meeting will be held in Eibar (Spain).