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Multipoint project attracts attention in several photonics and micro-machining related activities.

As the Multipoint project completes its final development stages, dissemination activities are key to share the knowledge acquired and contact future investors. In the recent months, these are the main events where the project was present:

Big presence in LPM 2022

Laser Precision Microfabrication is one of the world’s most influential meetings in the laser user community where recent developments and trends in laser application for fine and precise fabrication of diverse materials are discussed between industry, research, and academia. Several consortium members from Tekniker, Multitel and Amplitude took part in various activities, including conference presentations and poster sessions. More info here.

Visits to Tekniker facilities

On June 16, various members from entities like Sirris, CRM Group and Multitel, visited Tekniker facilities. These organizations take part in the development of the hybrid laminar flow control (HLFC) technology. In this context, Tekniker exposed the objectives and current state of the Multipoint project to all participants.

Publication on Photonics View magazine

A very interesting article written by Emeric Mottay was published on the prestigious magazine Photonics View. Under the title “Ultrafast lasers today”, our colleague from Amplitude exposes how the continuous increase in average laser power opens new horizons for femtosecond laser processing in fields like aeronautics, energy, and mobility. The full article is available here.