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The MULTIPOINT Consortium, led by IK4-TEKNIKER represents a multi-disciplinary group composed of 3 countries within the European Union, forming a well-balanced team in order to succeed in the proposed challenges and covering all critical elements of the whole value chain.

IK4-TEKNIKER is a research institute located in the Basque Country in Spain well known in the field of research and development of the machine tool. In particular, it has extensive experience in the field of laser material processing but also developing novel laser systems. IK4-TEKNIKER is currently working on the development of a laser system for the manufacture of micro-drilled Ti panels together with other European partners with laser technologies different from those proposed in the MULTIPOINT project.

All that experience will serve as input for the development of a prototype for the manufacture of Ti panels for HFLC structures using ultrashort laser pulses in order to have feasible industrial productivity levels and high quality.

AMPLITUDE SYSTÈMES is known for its extensive experience in the development of ultrashort laser sources for material processing. There are not many companies in Europe that can develop femtosecond lasers at high power. AMPLITUDE SYSTÈMES is one of the most established companies in this field with a long history of supplying ultrashort laser sources with industrial reliability. The lasers of AMPLITUDE SYSTÈMES are therefore not only in laboratories but also in manufacturing machines in many fields.

LASEA is also one of the most established providers of manufacturing machines with ultra-short pulsed lasers in the market. In particular, their expertise integrating femtosecond lasers with their own beam delivery technology provides them with an outstanding positioning in everything related to laser machines with ultra-short pulses. It is noteworthy that this experience not only has to do with the development of machines in general but is mainly focused on ultra-short pulse lasers and that it is precisely this expertise that makes them suitable for participation in the MULTIPOINT project. On the other hand, as a major player in contact with market needs and new applications in the field of ultra-short pulse laser machines, it is an ideal partner to play the role of innovation and exploitation manager in the MULTIPOINT project.

MULTITEL is one of the leading research institutes in Europe in the field of applied photonics. They are experienced in ultrashort lasers design, material processing and beam handling. Their participation permits to tackle the problems related with beam splitting taking into account the constrains from both the laser and the material processing sides. As research institute with activity among others in the world of applied photonics, its profile is ideal to play the role of Scientific & Technical Manager taking charge of all aspects related to the good technical and scientific development of the project.

AEROMETALLIC is a company that belongs to the AERNNOVA GROUP, a well-known supplier of components for companies in the aeronautical sector such as Airbus and Boing. In particular, the AERNNOVA Group has a contract for life for Horizontal Tail of A350 aircraft. The HFLC is one of the processes to be implemented in the components fabricated for the horizontal tail and the wings. The laser is until now the only technology capable of reliably supplying the millions of micro-drills necessary to implement the HFLC. Therefore, AEROMETALLIC is continuously seeking for laser technologies that improve the productivity and quality in the manufacture of this type of structures. In the project MULTIPOINT, AEROMETALLIC will coordinate the development efforts towards the HFLC application defining manufacturing requirements and validating the final and partial results.

PROSUMERLAB has accumulated experience in the dissemination and communication activities of the H2020 projects, such as FOURBYTHREE and TWIN-CONTROL, and will support the consortium as a partner in this matter.

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