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Research into climate-neutral air transport

Deutsches Zentrum
für Luft- und Raumfahrt German Aerospace Center
December 2019

At the first German National Aeronautics Conference, DLR presented the conceptual design of an ‘Electric Flight Demonstrator’, its research on alternative fuels and uncrewed aerial vehicles for future ‘Urban Air Mobility’, together with its atmospheric and climate research using the HALO research aircraft.

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Surface ablation efficiency and quality of fs lasers in single-pulse mode, fs lasers in burst mode, and ns lasers

Applied Surface Science

November 2019

In recent years, the burst-mode caught a lot of attention in the field of ultrashort-pulse laser micro machining. One of the major issues is the influence of the burst pulse number and frequency on ablation efficiency and quality. A recent publication reported of a significant increase in ablation efficiency when processing with ≥25 burst pulses at ≥100 MHz burst frequencies. 

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Crafting interior holes on chemically strengthened thin glass based on ultrafast laser ablation and thermo-shock crack propagations

Sensors and Actuators A: Physical

January 2020, Volume 301

To prevent glass cracking from external mechanical damages, chemically strengthened glass is usually employed. The cutting of strengthened glass becomes critical due to their residual tensile stress induced in the inner core of glass attributed to the ion exchange process. 

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