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Geometry assessment of ultra-short pulsed laser drilled micro-holes

The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
January 2021

Ultra-short pulsed laser ablation enables a defined generation of micro-holes. A parameter study on the ablation characteristics of copper clearly reveals a benefit for green wavelength with lower threshold fluence, simultaneously increasing the Rayleigh length.

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Molecular dynamics-guided quality improvement in the femtosecond laser percussion drilling of microholes using a two-stage pulse energy process

Optics & Laser Technology

February 2021

During percussion laser drilling, the taper of microholes is commonly considered to be difficult to control due to cluster re-solidification at the bottom of the hole. The two-stage pulse energy percussion drilling process provides a new method for controlling the behaviour of clusters during femtosecond laser percussion drilling, reducing the re-solidification of clusters and ultimately reducing the taper of microholes.

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Water-assisted femtosecond laser drilling of 4H-SiC to eliminate cracks and surface material shedding

This study adopted femtosecond laser with a wavelength of 515 nm to drill high-aspect-ratio micro through holes on a 500-μm thickness single-crystal SI-type 4H-SiC wafer.

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