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Prediction model of the depth of the femtosecond laser micro-milling of PMMA

Optics & Laser Technology

Volume 120, December 2019

The femtosecond laser technology is emerging as a powerful and flexible tool for the fabrication of miniaturized polymeric devices, thanks to the micrometric precision and the minimum thermal damage on the workpiece obtainable through ultrafast laser ablation.

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Combined pulsed laser drilling of metal by continuous wave laser and nanosecond pulse train

The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

, Volume 104

A new form of combined pulsed laser (CPL) consisting of continuous wave (CW) laser and nanosecond (ns) pulse train was proposed for drilling Q235B steel without high-pressure gas jet.

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Microstructure and cyclic oxidation behavior of APS TBC systems drilled with various laser methods

Aiming towards an optimization of drilling of cooling holes for gas turbine applications, thermal barrier coated specimens were drilled with different laser set-ups. 

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