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During the event the objectives of the Multipoint project were exposed to different entities of the aeronautical sector.

On February 19, Tekniker, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), and Aerometallic (from Aernnova group), held, at the facilities of the technology center, the 22nd edition of the Program Management Committee for commercial passenger aircraft within the framework of the European initiative Clean Sky 2.

Different entities of relevance in the aeronautical sector and who participate in this program such as Airbus, Safran, DLR, GE Aviation, Dassault Aviation, TU Delft, ONERA, or Fraunhofer, among others, were present at the event.

In this context, and knowing that these entities participate in the development of different technological lines related to hybrid laminar flow control (HLFC), Tekniker exposed during the event the main objectives of the project Multipoint.